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100 Players VS Minecraft's Best Builder

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  • 게시일 2022. 07. 21.
  • Putting 100 Players up against Minecraft's Best Builder in an intense competition, along with many other challenges between the best players and 100 players! WHO CATCHES THE W?
    My Twitter: Sipover
    My Instagram: sipovers
    My Twitch: SipoverS
    New Discord: discord.gg/XZXSBdHzJ5
    My Reddit: r/Sipover
    Thanks for watching :)
    Credits to all the people in the video!
    As well as ilmango for the warden farm, dark for the shulker farm, and gnembon for the iron farm.

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  • Sipover


  • top G
    top G  +452

    The fact that everyone had a Technoblade memorial just shows how much of a impact he had in the Minecraft community.

  • Lee Bouldin

    It’s crazy that 100 people came together to honor and respect techno. RIP man

  • YouTube
    YouTube  +1

    my jaw has been on the floor this entire video...these are all amazing 😮

  • Oli Grainger

    Of course 50 players are gonna beat 10 players in PvP when they're all given the best sword/armour in the game and forced into a tiny arena - the noobs can just spam them. It would have been much more interesting to put them in a hunger games style arena, where they actually have chance to upgrade their equipment and then plan attacks

  • Eric Ross
    Eric Ross  +198

    The fact that all the players made a Techno memorial warms my heart

  • MacKenzie Drake

    It's not a big surprise that the pros won the quality builds -- they are stunning -- but the other's work was also of tremendous quality, and the cooperation between them is truly wonderful. Props all 'round for the work. I hope we'll see more of the work the members in the larger groups create. There is a lot of potential there.

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth  +2

    Sipover is like Mr. Beast, he doesn’t upload often but his quality is always insane and has a lot of effort

  • Apolo Trevent IV.5

    it is so heartwarming that literally every build on these projects... there's a techno memorial

  • Emissary of Wind

    Qu1nten's a true legend, it's really a joy to play on a server with him

  • Insuroo
    Insuroo  +5

    Techno memorial at every builds, truly fascinating, a guy with so many impacts in minecraft. RIP

  • Celtial
    Celtial  +544

    Sipover may take a while to get his videos out, but man are they amazing. The amount of work he puts in his videos is phenominal

  • a3oYzmN4fGhm7rA4ob

    I can't help but appreciate and give props to whoever built that MCRN ship at

  • Checko
    Checko  +987

    Mr.Sip, please make another rarest seed episode. They are always so interesting to watch.

  • Kory
    Kory  +322

    I wonder how much these builders had to practice to become this good

  • Vexagon
    Vexagon  +422

    Hear me out, that quantity civilization was insane. I enjoyed taking part in some of the challenges Sip, always excited to see what you have planned next :D

  • Arjun_playz

    These guys excudes such a positive energy that they tends to lift everyone' spirits ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • MrToast
    MrToast  +49

    I love how every single minecraft player misses Techno

  • Spiffykanger

    sipover looking at all this quality and quantity, but not realizing hes got it himself, making so many videos that are also really good and cool. the amount of organization this man does is incredible 👍👍

  • ⁅  Sunset ¿ Foxy  ⁆

    something that makes me enjoy this video even MORE is the Technoblade memorials in some of the builds ❤