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What Happened to Minecraft Trolling?

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  • 게시일 2020. 08. 18.
  • Years ago, Minecraft trolling videos on KRclip were extremely popular, but over the years they've slowly faded away, becoming completely forgotten about today. How could this happen? What led to Minecraft trolling's downfall and where is it today? Watch the video to find out :D
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    F to Xboxaddictionz, Zexyzek, Bodil40, Master of Luck, ProPepper, Introllsive, Skydoesminecraft and Unstoppable luck :(

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  • Zyphon
    Zyphon 2 년 전 +1

    This video is good and all, but did you know that Minecraft has been around for over a decade?

  • ngoc aka ur mum
    ngoc aka ur mum 2 년 전 +219

    Skeppy changed his way of videos to more of challenges and give-aways, and his voice sounds a lot more deeper and tired. In my opinion, i somehow liked the trolling videos better but i don't see that much attention was given to someof them, and a lot more new fans showed up with the challenges videos at first, but then it suddenly dropped and stand still with 300,100 or something, but anways, what i want to say is, give the man some rest, the tired in his voice just makes me feel so bad, thanks for reading :)

  • William Lin
    William Lin 년 전 +23

    theres a fine line between trolling and harassment/bullying/greifing kids, theres a difference between actually saving the world as a backup than messing around, and blowing up someones world and running off. I think eventually the “trolling” just became people recording themselves harassing others and was basically just blowing up peoples hard work time and time again.

  • new_eraZay
    new_eraZay 년 전 +176

    I still can’t believe that KRclip killed XboxAddictionz’ channel, he was my childhood, and I’m happy that some people are reuploading his videos

  • Noah R.
    Noah R. 2 년 전 +289


  • Comic Guy
    Comic Guy 2 년 전 +435

    XboxAddictions wasnt really toxic, he would make a

  • lxzeoris
    lxzeoris 2 년 전 +875

    XboxAddictions man, thats a name I haven’t heard of in years.

  • OK
    OK 2 년 전 +182


  • Anna Wynne
    Anna Wynne 년 전 +9

    This is actually really sad and I remember all these people and it just makes me feel really sad that like 40 percent of my childhood is gone 😒

  • Jeeb
    Jeeb 2 년 전 +32

    Minecraft Trolling was truly the Wild West of Minecraft content.

  • Hot potato Cakes
    Hot potato Cakes 2 년 전 +22

    I miss Skeppy’s old trolling videos

  • Ouitk
    Ouitk 년 전 +8

    Its sad to see your childhood just fold away forever i wish i could go back in time and experience these videos and feelings again

  • Marvin Dude official

    Who here is still filled with sadness after unstoppable luck left us without any trace for 4 whole years..

  • Pforzheim
    Pforzheim 2 년 전 +3

    I genuinely get emotional every time I look back at UnstoppabIeLuck's channel to see if he ever uploaded again because he was my favorite troller and youtuber back at the time. I just miss him and minecraft trolling so much. Your childhood is so special. It brings back so many memories and nostalgia and good times. Miss them.

  • SpaceCityToffee
    SpaceCityToffee 2 년 전 +57

    Minecraft trolling were the glory days of Minecraft content

  • DominoDrawz

    I miss unstoppableluck so much I wonder when he’s gonna come back

  • Uselez
    Uselez 2 년 전 +38

    I miss unstoppable luck <3

  • Remember Bubblebutt

    Zek's minecraft trolling videos were my childhood. I literally just found out they were deleted as of typing this comment and I'm super pissed.

  • Not Kangaroo Monkey
    Not Kangaroo Monkey 2 년 전 +4

    I’ve always had a love hate relationship with Minecraft trolling, it’s easy for someone to grow a connection with a build that they had spent ages creating and to have it destroyed for the enjoyment of others is soul crushing.

  • HoomanPlayer
    HoomanPlayer 년 전

    Time to take a trip down memory lane through unstoppable luck and zek videos