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I Joined Minecraft's Most Insane SMPs

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  • 게시일 2022. 06. 24.
  • Joining the craziest Minecraft SMP's, these fellas are seriously the best in the BUSINESS
    Credits to all the amazing SMPs and people who let me tour and see what they've done :)
    Hypnos: discord.gg/2gpsaf2Ve8
    Prototech: discord.prototech.ws/
    Wavetech: discord.gg/gZSVhBeCrW
    Mechanists: discord.gg/c2DUWG8
    Chronos: discord.gg/fPRGMBgHMb
    My Twitter: Sipover
    My Instagram: sipovers
    My Twitch: SipoverS
    My Discord: discord.gg/qFrX5Qb
    My Reddit: r/Sipover

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  • Sipover

    Once again big credit to the amazing server members who let me on to make this video :)

  • McMakistein

    How in the world are people this good at minecraft!? Completely lost it when Prototech started pulling out commandblocks! Absolute legends! O_o

  • eyl
    eyl  +1

    Hypnos: has the most perimeters

  • Yetr
    Yetr  +1

    Minecraft being called the ultimate sandbox game has never stood truer. I wonder if these people will find effective ways to farm, say, Wardens now.

  • Rainy
    Rainy  +430

    I think my favorite contraption was Hypnos' ender pearl cannon. I can't imagine how much trial and error went into making that. Not only did they have to get it to be able to hit a block that they choose, but also, they went and did that 18 more times, and made a way for you to choose which one to go to.

  • CommandGeek

    I can’t even begin to understand just how much time and effort must’ve gone into these servers. I mean honestly, this is insane. Amazing video as always :D

  • TillWownsend

    We all wish our friends would commit to 1 minecraft world this much.

  • TimeBucks

    Those servers are another level of insane

  • thelegendguy

    From grand megastructures spanning thousands of blocks, embellished with intricate details, to incomprehensible contraptions utilizing game-breaking bugs, it's always safe to say that this is still not the peak of the Minecraft community.

  • InventorPWB

    It was great having you here on Mechanists! It was great seeing our builds showcased like this - great video :D

  • Braile Veracruz

    the amount of joy he gets while experiencing the view of a ghast elevator is amazing

  • Ender Cubing

    I love how in all these SMP's early days there was probably a time where someone was like

  • airplanes

    "The way leonardo dicaprio approached art" - Sipover 2022

  • RJMBricks
    RJMBricks  +564

    This man... is epic... that's all

  • cubicmetre
    cubicmetre  +155

    Touring VIPs, especially those from the outside of TMC is perhaps one of the most gratifying experiences a technical server can have. It brings the community together and lets everyone experience their accomplishments through the eyes of others. It was great having you on the wavetech server and hope we can do events like this again in the future.

  • NotCreative

    Thanks for touring Hypnos! We enjoyed having you on. Now just have to finish EPS decoration ofc

  • Yunnichi Sasaki
    Yunnichi Sasaki 21 일 전

    The hustle, time and effort they did is commendable!

  • Chezloc
    Chezloc  +152

    Thanks for touring Chronos. We had a lot of fun to have you on here!

  • Zedus
    Zedus  +2

    The amount of absolute mind fucking blowing stuff that has been done in Minecraft is out of this world and my brain! Like what the hell, the people that do these things are absolutely insane!

  • Mongo
    Mongo  +204

    every sipover video just gets better.