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Minecraft's Most Unbelievable Seeds...

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  • 게시일 2021. 04. 29.
  • Minecraft's Most Unbelievable and Rarest Seeds... Minecraft seeds can make some Minecraft worlds look ABSOLUTELY INSANE, so today we showcase and look at the most craziest Minecraft Seeds.
    Twitch: SipoverS
    Twitter: Sipover
    Instagram: SipoverS
    Discord: discord.gg/qFrX5Qb
    Not Minecraft's History on KRclip or Glitches, or even the entire history of minecraft i guess, and not even close to Ranking Minecraft's rarest occurrences and Minecrafts most mind-blowing inventions. Dream could totally use some of these seeds for a manhunt speedrunner vs hunters... Or maybe even tommyinnit in a Minecraft Mod video.
    DISCLAIMER: All of these seeds are Java besides the ravine, Some of the seeds in this video only work on certain versions, so if it isn't working try other versions like 1.12, 1.7.10, and 1.14.
    -To find the landmarks, do /locate(biome) (landmark) like stronghold or village and you should be able to find the landmark.
    Credits to reddit and the Minecraft@home team for finding the majority of these seeds, they're crazy.
    - u/plebiain

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  • Sipover
    Sipover  년 전 +13


  • CheckTB
    CheckTB 년 전 +4

    Imagine grinding a bunch of pearls just for the portal to be full

  • lelbot1000

    I acturally remember finding a seed where around 1000 blocks away from spawn. There would be 23 different pink sheep located all around a plains biome. That was in version 1.6.3 and to this date is still the coolest thing ive found in this game so far

  • HarmoniousDiscord
    HarmoniousDiscord 년 전 +2

    The repeating mineshaft legit could be a backrooms level.

  • CharlieIGuess

    I still remember that seed where I spawned near a village that was build on a ravine, wich isn‘t that rare. Except when I looked down into the ravine I saw the portal room.

  • Andy Cahyono
    Andy Cahyono 년 전 +1

    2 of the most legendary mobs in the entire Minecraft history:

  • Shoebox 98

    In the infinite snapshot, there's a command called /warp or something close to that. You could use /warp (word) to warp to another dimension, my favorite dimensions were the Library and Bridge

  • Excuses Gaming
    Excuses Gaming 년 전 +2

    I like this guy. He isn't too cringey to watch and just gives out simple, and cool minecraft facts

  • RandomBOI
    RandomBOI 년 전 +1

    Now we just need someone to find out about the caves and cliff’s title screen background

  • Randomness Productions

    Honestly that woodland mansion village seed is super cool. Think about it. Unlike pillager outposts, the illagers in a mansion will not respawn after all of them are killed. You could kill all of the illagers and just have a nice peaceful village that's inside a massive mansion.

  • Valerio Russotto

    The first time I’ve downloaded minecraft I spawned in a world that was insane for a little thing: the sea temple wasn’t in the water, it was in the middle of the mountains and if I went farther I could see the ocean that was like cutted with scissors, i the water literally fell down vertically. The water was was very high and at that moment I knew if, because of a bug, the water had fallen it would have destroyed the village that I created. Today I dont know where that world is; a day I woke up and I turned on my laptop and I didn’t see that world. I didn’t see it never again.

  • The First Curse

    That exposed Ocean Monument in The Badlands is AMAZING. Totally looks like a pre-made fantasy setpiece.

  • Ed Roncales
    Ed Roncales 년 전 +1

    The fact that this guy tells everything straight to the point without having unnecessary lame jokes and making it only 11 mins long without having much ads is so absolutely amazing.

  • WarThe Clown
    WarThe Clown 년 전 +476

    Villager who lives in a tall home:

  • The Salty Salter
    The Salty Salter 년 전 +812

    Fun fact: there is a seed where you spawn on a mooshroom island with islands surrounding it, each one having a different biome, meaning you have every biome in the game on a series of islands, all near one and other

  • Molly H. Johns

    Sometimes I stumbled into such villages also, in Creative Mode. So I tried to help fix the terrain or the buildings so the villagers wouldn't die for falling off of a steep cliff etc.

  • Turnt SNACO

    I would love an infinite mineshaft seed. I've found several intersecting mineshafts before, they just went on forever and ever....never get tired of exploring them for some reason.

  • Spades G
    Spades G  +13

    The generator picks the seed by depending on the time and date. Almost impossible to get the same seed without typing something into the seed box.

  • A Kaz
    A Kaz 년 전 +2

    I LOVE how this guy doesn't waste time on a bunch of super long + loud transition screens and counting down. He actually just plows through the content. So refreshing!

  • mark
    mark 년 전 +425

    "and hey if you get to the end of this tunnel without herobrine abducting you, there's a cool little skeleton spawner."