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The Story of Minecraft's Pillagers

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 01. 12.
  • The insane, lore based story of Minecraft's Pillagers! How they came to be and why they do not like the villagers of Minecraft.
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  • DualxOfficial

    McYum’s voice is awesome, so glad he’s in this

  • Base
    Base  +612

    Sipovers lore videos feel like one of two things: either A. He’s basically winging his Minecraft lore test, or B. He’s actually right and this turns out to actually be the truth of the lore of Minecraft

  • LuciFero senpai

    The Combination of Cool lore and Funny Jokes Really Stands out in his Content Every month.

  • jgr33n76
    jgr33n76  +202

    I love that you combined the Alexander wither lore and the pillagers to make a somewhat believable story.

  •  ShortHax

    Virgin: "Dad left to get milk”

  • gamertube58

    It's cool how he can make an interesting story while following actual Minecraft lore

  • ETTheGr3at
    ETTheGr3at  +837

    I love these interpretations of lore! They’re very creative!

  • Dvalin
    Dvalin  +831

    Villager President: Who keeps making these obsidian monuments?

  • BelowAverage

    Hank really grinded and exchanted his muscles, mad respect.

  • Mypersonal space

    you could have made this in a way that iron golems were turned into the ravagers like they turned evil or something and the blacksmith turned to vindicater implying they kept their works done before as a blacksmith that would have made more sense and depth to the story, overall pretty good story.

  • aplolwow
    aplolwow  +370

    This guy is actually creative at the storyline...

  • Frank Ellison

    The Hank fighting club part was absolutely hilarious😂😂😂

  • Soap Jedi
    Soap Jedi  +171

    Although this guy uploads once every 7 blue moons, I could watch his videos over and over for just as long

  • GenericAttack

    McYum did a good job, especially for the other people that worked on this.

  • Swaggy
    Swaggy  +81

    I actually think that the ravager was a failed experiment trying to replicate the iron golem.

  • Micheal
    Micheal  +21

    "No please. Not the irs. I swear I payed my taxes."

  • $îłķ『』

    The different voices for the villagers and all are just amazing 😂

  • Perl Amory Pinkerton

    All the character's voices are just ~immaculate~

  • Hypocritical

    I like to think that magic has a cost in minecraft. The reason the illagers look so different from villagers is the same reason witches look so different from villagers, their study and use of magic and potions have taken a toll on their physical bodies.

  • Sage Mannes