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Minecraft 5050 Challenge

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2020. 07. 14.
  • 15 gates, 50 percent chance for something bad to be behind it, 50 percent chance to have something that will help me survive. All decided with the flip of a coin. Will I be able to survive all 15 gates? Oh not to mention, the surprises behind the gate become more intense as I progress through each gate.
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    Discord: discord.gg/qFrX5Qb
    Twitter: SipoverS
    Instagram: SipoverS
    Map Creator (not the same as what I have here but the unedited): www.planetminecraft.com/proje...

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  • Sipover
    Sipover  2 년 전 +724

    Hey, this is the first time ive done a video like this so let me know what you think in the comments, i also wanna know if you all would prefer a shorter video with more intense parts and less chill parts, or a little longer video with more chill parts! Thanks for watching too :D

  • s4en
    s4en 2 년 전 +1

    This is a really good idea, I expect some bigger youtubers to do this too

  • Angel Lina
    Angel Lina 년 전 +13

    i enjoyed this too much. i love how monotone they both are and it's just funny that the craziest things are happening.

  • 12345 67890
    12345 67890 년 전 +19

    10 for the concept, 3 for the humour.

  • TinchySchniber
    TinchySchniber 2 년 전 +700

    literally just got this dropped on my front page of youtube - never seen your stuff before. youtube loves you lmao. giving you a fat sub.

  • Hanabi
    Hanabi 2 년 전 +24


  • Boiyouneeds Somemalk
    Boiyouneeds Somemalk 2 년 전 +12

    Fun fact: for the skeletons, you can make them shoot eachother and it is SO entertaining to watch lol

    GAYAS 2 년 전 +51

    Sipover rides around on a horse and shouts “massacre massacre massacre”. Funniest sh*t I’ve ever seen.

  • KGC M
    KGC M  +1

    How did Sipover manage to turn all the good ones into bad ones and bad ones into good ones?

  • EndGamer
    EndGamer 년 전 +2

    "how did he get me through the bunker?"

  • No.
    No.  +1

    “They’re gonna bone me to death”

  • Bluebomb
    Bluebomb 2 년 전 +7

    I found this channel like 3 days ago. You've got some great stuff man. Glad I subbed. Looks like you'll be getting even more subs soon.

  • HB Films
    HB Films 년 전 +5

    He plays with smooth lightning off

  • F1rstNameLastName

    I predict this will be a historical building in minecraft.

  • Oreoz and Chill
    Oreoz and Chill 2 년 전 +1

    This is amazing and honestly underrated

  • Jäckson Schröder

    Sipover: it’s not even the last one, what could get harder than this!?

  • Karin Vasu
    Karin Vasu 2 년 전

    this has a really old school feel to it :D

  • Toaster
    Toaster 년 전 +2

    This is really good, the quality is very professional, a little more energy and itd be perfect

  • Perplqxed
    Perplqxed 2 년 전 +4

    He sounds like "Your daily dose of the internet" and I love it

  • NightMayor
    NightMayor 2 년 전

    This is a great idea, I bet more people are gonna use it