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Upgrading Minecraft For $10,000

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  • 게시일 2022. 09. 10.
  • Upgrading all of Minecraft for $10,000! Pushing the game to its absolute insane limit.
    My Twitter: Sipover
    My Instagram: sipovers
    My Twitch: SipoverS
    New Discord: discord.gg/XZXSBdHzJ5
    My Reddit: r/Sipover
    Thanks for watching :)

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  • iDeactivateMC
    iDeactivateMC 14 일 전 +798

    It's almost sad when you realize what Minecraft COULD look like

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 14 일 전 +1

    Does Sipover know you can just buy Minecraft for $30... You don't need to spend $10,000!

  • Poisi
    Poisi 14 일 전 +451

    Damn, it's crazy how far you can push this game. So many possibilities and ideas that can be created, really impressive.

  • SrRodrox
    SrRodrox 14 일 전 +320

    It was nice working on the Guardian structure!

  • TeNwke
    TeNwke 14 일 전 +101

    You cant convince me that a wither reskin and ability change was $750 lmao.

  • Phelps
    Phelps 14 일 전 +214

    Thank you for having me! 😎 The village and the mansion where both challenging but I had lots of fun building them!

  • PanditaGamer
    PanditaGamer 14 일 전 +47

    If a little jungle temple was upgraded that much with so interesting mechanics i imagine what the Ancient City would look like.

  • Garin Hoenig
    Garin Hoenig 14 일 전 +22

    Sipover: Spends $10K to Upgrade Minecraft

  • DangerNoodle
    DangerNoodle 14 일 전 +19

    Those are the best and most realistic looking Minecraft mountains I've ever seen. That guy did an outstanding job.

  • Toxicy
    Toxicy 일 전 +1

    This man has grown so quickly it’s crazy

  • Horace - Minecraft
    Horace - Minecraft 14 일 전 +83

    Really enjoyed making the Jungle and Desert Pyramids <3

  • Cody Rewind
    Cody Rewind 14 일 전 +2

    It was nice working on the Guardian structure!

  • Dino Bucket
    Dino Bucket 14 일 전 +77

    “It was only 150” what a chad

  • HPX374
    HPX374 14 일 전 +26

    genuinely really good content. these collabs showing off these underrated players are really good, keep up the good work sip (:

  • adish nair
    adish nair 14 일 전 +5

    The level of architecture that goes into this is insane

  • Prithvi Singh
    Prithvi Singh 14 일 전 +8


  • CInotsus
    CInotsus 14 일 전 +23

    Each sipover video is a step up in production, keep up the great work 👍

  • Pogging milk
    Pogging milk 14 일 전 +4

    Bruh sipover is slowly turning into Mrbeast at this point

  • CommandGeek
    CommandGeek 14 일 전 +25

    that end island is actually insane 👀

  • Vindicator
    Vindicator 14 일 전 +9

    That Giant Woodland Mansion is THE BEST THING I have ever seen!!!