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How Dream Saved Minecraft

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2020. 08. 25.
  • Dream is probably the most influential youtuber as of right now, and during the past few months its clear that he has saved Minecraft from falling back into irrelevance like it did in 2018. If it weren't for him, after PewDieDie, CallMeCarson, and many others left Minecraft, I could surely say the game could be dead.
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    Discord: discord.gg/qFrX5Qb
    Dream manhunts and speedruns really do be saving and changing the community out here
    Songs used:
    Event The base
    Undertale Shop
    C418 Strad

댓글 • 2 805

    COZYCRAFT 2 년 전 +1727

    “No, no, he’s got a point”
    Also, I bet dream was your skin’s inspiration XD

    • Chase9
      Chase9 년 전

      wHat iS wItH thE LoNg LiNES

    • no
      no 년 전

      @odiumbut pewdiepie popularized it

    • GoldEEr
      GoldEEr 년 전

      Notch: Amateurs
      (showing how meaningless this "Who really saved this first" thing is you know)

    • odium
      odium 2 년 전

      @Bill Russo dream was playing mc before pewdiepie

  • Pusheen C
    Pusheen C 년 전 +568

    I like ur style- the intro is always “Minecraft has been around for more than a decade”

    • RightSide
      RightSide 5 개월 전

      @her facts

    • ZaPlayType
      ZaPlayType 6 개월 전

      @Pusheen C ye

    • Pusheen C
      Pusheen C 6 개월 전

      @ZaPlayType Don’t you mean 2b2t?

    • Pusheen C
      Pusheen C 6 개월 전

      Thx 4 0.5k likes

    • ZaPlayType
      ZaPlayType 6 개월 전

      Sipover: "Minecraft has been a round for more than a decade"
      FitMC: "The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft"

  • JustSpace
    JustSpace 2 년 전 +5

    Dream might have brought it back for competitive ppl but Hermitcraft definitely inspired the creative players

  • Flydrop88
    Flydrop88 2 년 전 +48

    I don't think Dream saved Minecraft as a whole, the game has been booming since it was released and never stopped.
    He just saved Minecraft on KRclip.

    • Irena veksler
      Irena veksler 10 개월 전

      @Gabby Andrews lol

    • Gabby Andrews
      Gabby Andrews 10 개월 전

      @Irena veksler agreed

    • Irena veksler
      Irena veksler 10 개월 전 +2

      Not true but also true at the same time

    • Tigof
      Tigof 년 전


    • Labeeb
      Labeeb 2 년 전 +17

      people just act like minecraft is dead because they stopped playing it

  • Skarm227
    Skarm227 년 전 +212

    "dream saved minecraft"
    [the hermits collectively rumbling in the distance]

    • Gabby Andrews
      Gabby Andrews 10 개월 전

      mushroom right? People are way in over their heads. Dream's a fun guy and all but, jeez.

    • Gabby Andrews
      Gabby Andrews 10 개월 전

      @Hamsteriges ikr.

    • Irena veksler
      Irena veksler 10 개월 전

      @xxyxxxndta okay

    • xxyxxxndta
      xxyxxxndta 10 개월 전

      @alphakennybody every mp game is for hackers to ruin

    • xxyxxxndta
      xxyxxxndta 10 개월 전

      @Irena veksler hey i was typing too fast

  • Presley Weightman
    Presley Weightman 2 년 전 +1302

    This is the only thing keeping my sanity alive.

    • A spec
      A spec 년 전


    • Maurice
      Maurice 년 전

      @Pafffelo You would know a lot about that lol

    • Agus Mohamad
      Agus Mohamad 2 년 전

      Schools,media,bommers and karens : N o iT s nOT!
      VId eO gAme S Cau sE Vi oleNc E
      Go TO ScHoOl, ScHOoL iS BEttE r Tha N Vi DeO Ga mE s!!! #sHoolIscOol

    • Ben’s Cats
      Ben’s Cats 2 년 전 +1

      Yeah, the only way to have sanity in quarantine lol

  • Omnizone
    Omnizone 년 전 +2

    completely agree, i also started playing minecraft again after i watched dream

  • DoubleMcSpeedy
    DoubleMcSpeedy 9 개월 전 +1

    you’re completely right, fresh content and competitiveness helped revitalize the game and Dream was and still is the engine for that

  • CL88able
    CL88able 2 년 전 +3

    I have been watching Dream's man hunts and they are worth of the time to spend watching them.

  • Splicsty
    Splicsty 2 년 전 +12

    “Dream gives positive vibes”

  • mew
    mew 2 년 전 +728

    And it’s not just them leeching off off dream, they’ve built a strong friend-group together and bringing popularity to it

    • hi im cool
      hi im cool 년 전 +1

      @mew everything

    • mew
      mew 년 전

      @01 pfft what's wrong with me liking gacha?

    • divyansh singh
      divyansh singh 년 전 +1

      @XJ not really tbh. W

    • Nuggtz
      Nuggtz 2 년 전 +1

      @Anu so is the dream smp

  • Sebastian Wilkins
    Sebastian Wilkins 년 전 +11

    And of course, we know who helped everyone, the king, the best at every minecraft topic, building, now redstone, and he even got DREAM in MCC, GRian

  • LordBurger
    LordBurger 2 년 전 +38

    Dream is anything but humble lol

    • Transformera
      Transformera 7 개월 전

      @marvel gaming watch the video 'How Dream became a Target'. It pretty much summarise all the controversies he has cause over the last 2 years

    • marvel gaming
      marvel gaming 7 개월 전 +1

      bro i dont watch dream but y u are making fun of him not being humble
      i am neither a fan nor hater but what he did

    • Maurice
      Maurice 년 전

      @LordBurger good point lol

    • LordBurger
      LordBurger 년 전 +1

      @Maurice bro this comment is 8 months old i dont think its gonna happen

    • Maurice
      Maurice 년 전 +5

      Dude shut up..
      *You're going to start world war 3, I hear the stans coming already*

  • kraxet
    kraxet 2 년 전 +9

    by the way how did dream save minecraft when minecraft was already saved

  • Nacho
    Nacho 2 년 전 +24

    Even if it were dead, I'd still play it

  • redhead
    redhead 2 년 전 +675

    Sipover: Dream has helped so many channels grow to the top
    Tommyinnit: *it's free real estate*

    • Shellderige
      Shellderige 년 전

      @Bill Russo no one was ever disagreeing with you

    • Xtricity
      Xtricity 2 년 전

      @Calli he realized i was refering to the commenter

    • Xtricity
      Xtricity 2 년 전

      @Jacob with a W the commenter*** lol

      HAM CHEESE 2 년 전

      @Bill Russo dream gain 8mil subs in 7months

    • Xtricity
      Xtricity 2 년 전

      @dpage its ok

  • KeyRubiX
    KeyRubiX 2 년 전 +85

    Minecraft was never dying. Once there are only 50 people playing the game a day you can say it is dying.

    • KeyRubiX
      KeyRubiX 년 전 +1

      @Clancy TeachesI don't want to play minecraft so minecraft is dead

    • Clancy Teaches
      Clancy Teaches 년 전

      I agree that minecraft was dead for a while. I my self have been playing minecraft about daily from 2011, it was the best game ive known and ive had, so it was the only game i played. Later on, like on 2013, i saw that minecraft started to get really popular online and on social media, so i was following the events and the youtubers back then. But i gotta be honest, i never thought twice about playing minecraft when the year 2017 came. To be honest, its probably because that Fortnite had become a game that everyone wanted to play, so everybody left minecraft, including me. But dream, you gotta be honest, had revived minecraft again. I never wanted to play minecraft again, but when i saw his (dream) videos, i wanted to check out some cool stuff. That made me wanna play the game, so as a lot of other people.

    • June Hanabi
      June Hanabi 년 전 +1

      I think this is a common misunderstanding. Often people aren't talking about sales, they're talking about the Minecraft they know. I started to play in 1.4, all servers were survival often with plugins and heavy rules, a few creative, mini games existed but we're that weird server you didn't know anyone that played on. Shadow Raze was my first server I joined. I put the game down, forgot about it for many years, picked it back up in November 2020, and decided to open a big server like shadow Raze. This is my first ever server a d I really wanted to model it around shadow Raze. What made me really sad is almost no one wants to play on it. I'm told the server is very good..... But it's not mini games. This was my first confusion, do people play mini games? I learned that while I left, mini games took over and other servers are that weird server. I also learned plugins aren't found anymore on most smps and most smps are very small. I learned Minecraft is now mostly kids which is fine but I can't relate to them because of age difference making me feel a bit alone. I now have this huge server that would have done amazing in 1.4-1.6 era but only a handful of people play on it. Most find the plugins and rules weird, people leave because they expect it to be mini games, I have a spawn world fit for hundreds of players and it's really odd to most players to see that on an smp. So I often feel Minecraft is dying, I know sales are booming so it's technically not. But the community I once knew is gone, and it seems the only way the game is used is either via single player mods or mini game servers. I think that's why people say it's dying.

    • KeyRubiX
      KeyRubiX 년 전 +3

      @C.I.A. dying means nobody is playing it, while minecraft had about a million a day.

    • C.I.A.
      C.I.A. 년 전 +4

      That’s like saying that when a baby is born it can’t even walk, so it’s dying. Minecraft in the dark ages was basically cancer, depression, or something like that. It was dying.

  • Cool_Boy66
    Cool_Boy66 2 년 전 +50

    Minecraft is the only game that doesn't die. I know it is 10 years old, but it never gets old.

  • MrMeme
    MrMeme 년 전 +2

    Let's take a moment to see his parkour skills

  • Aleksa
    Aleksa 년 전 +21

    Cant we just take a moment for his epic parkour

    • Scooptic
      Scooptic 년 전

      The profile pic just proves it

    • Gillian Pioske
      Gillian Pioske 년 전 +1

      I know whenever he stopped that clip I was like, bro bring it back

  • Ty
    Ty 2 년 전 +1953

    4:30 “Friends like GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap.”
    BadBoyHalo: “Am I a joke to you?”

    • Irena veksler
      Irena veksler 10 개월 전

      @Yes sapnap and dream were friends before minecraft I think soooo yeah

    • Irena veksler
      Irena veksler 10 개월 전

      @SteveX737 but he’s in the three muffintears

    • Irena veksler
      Irena veksler 10 개월 전

      @Le Échelle yeah he is

    • Irena veksler
      Irena veksler 10 개월 전

      @Predated Lake trueee

    • Irena veksler
      Irena veksler 10 개월 전

      @bailey kind of but also from dream too

  • Maurice
    Maurice 년 전 +6

    Also Dream: Ruins it just as fast with a retextured squid.
    Also, cant wait to hear the dumbasses who try to prove me wrong, just know im gonna be laughing at u the whole time.

  • Haridev Nandan
    Haridev Nandan 년 전 +18

    can we just appreciate sipover's parkour skills in minecraft?

  • james
    james 2 년 전 +2

    before dream came along i was still playing minecraft and enjoying it

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer 4 개월 전

    Despite me not really liking Dream (or most of his friends) that much, I have nothing but respect for this guy for saving this game.

  • blue
    blue 2 년 전 +550

    "I dont think ive ever seen as many people excited for a minecraft video then a new Dream manhunt"
    *The potato war finale has entered the chat*

    • Maurice
      Maurice 년 전

      @lego yoda Omg I just saw that today, why is it that whenever you hear something for the first time you just hear it more often thought the day

    • pink
      pink 2 년 전

      can we all end this just by saying we’re all into different things? i found both exciting and anticipating, people have different views on things

    • TJM
      TJM 2 년 전 +1

      @Alex Palacios you are "stating facts" about some minecraft videos while calling others idiots. You fail to realise that no matter how right you can be, as long as you are rude, people will try some way to prove you wrong. And it's too late to reverse the damage because even if you are kind and nice, people will still base their opinion of you on how rude you were. It would be a few days to months before people let go of that. So there is no point in defending and fighting. Just walk away

    • CosmicDistortion
      CosmicDistortion 2 년 전 +1

      @Alex Palacios Imagine not knowing how to take a joke 🤡🤡

    • Sarwat Arannya
      Sarwat Arannya 2 년 전 +1

      @Alex Palacios dream's audience is made up of children mostly 8-9 year olds, eo they don't count as a part of the greater community and can't act as suitable figurehead. Views on youtube depend on the children and he who controls the children can get the views. This is why creators like jake and logan paul are so popular despite being hated by everyone. Just because it has more views means nothing

  • Shadow Card
    Shadow Card 년 전 +1

    After watching Dream he changed my life in Minecraft 😊

  • TheRealRadGamer
    TheRealRadGamer 년 전 +1

    Dream made me a pro in Minecraft, thank you Dream for making Minecraft tutorial videos about water clutching :)

    TAWAGB 년 전 +1


  • JockeyField
    JockeyField 년 전 +6

    dream: i revived minecraft
    everyone: for the better right?
    dream: *suddenly gains massive toxic fanbase*
    everyone: for the better right?!

  • ampa -
    ampa - 2 년 전 +510

    fun fact: Minecraft never died, it just got a little quiet, but people were searching for it and playing it just as much, if only a tiny bit less

    • ampa -
      ampa - 년 전

      @untitled unkown person wat

    • untitled unkown person
      untitled unkown person 년 전

      Hey that's disrespectful!

    • Stanly Man
      Stanly Man 년 전

      Yea also them saying it was dream or pewdiepie that revived it no everyone wanted to play because the 10 year anniversary

    • Beastly FAILS
      Beastly FAILS 년 전

      Tru e

    • qwerty
      qwerty 년 전 +3

      That’s what I tell my friends. “Minecraft has and probably will never ‘blow up’ like games among us or fortnite. So Minecraft will never really die.”

  • Mad Popstar
    Mad Popstar 2 년 전 +1

    Dream saved me
    and he teached me something
    he taught me
    Literally i thought speedrun meant u parkour fast

  • Makak1
    Makak1 년 전 +17

    Swedish boy saves minecraft- drean stans: IT WAS DREAMM AHHH

  • Christy Lalu
    Christy Lalu 2 년 전

    The thing that dream made Minecraft more interesting was that.. You never know what's gonna happen ....
    Like in his speedrunner vs 3,4 hunters, you would feel exited to know what will happen and what will not

  • Crimson Fire
    Crimson Fire 2 년 전 +1

    I think the nether update also helped. It is one of if not the biggest update, and it’s definitely given content creators a lot more to work with.

  • Ryan Patriskha
    Ryan Patriskha 2 년 전 +2065

    Dream to minecraft: "come, this is no place to die."

  • Saira Shahid
    Saira Shahid 년 전

    Sip over, you also saved minecraft you make amazing content and deserve more subs

  • Ella Forlin
    Ella Forlin 2 년 전 +2

    This video really pointed out how dream snuck in at juuuust the right time. The supply was lowering, but some people were still hungry for content. So, demand was still pretty high. He seems like a very smart guy. I have no doubt that he noticed this and started his channel around that time intentionally. His rise to fame was pretty damn impressive.

  • BungieBee
    BungieBee 년 전 +1

    Sipover YOU are an amazing content creator

  • neyha
    neyha 2 년 전

    Him: And he's so humble-
    Dream: "Tommy, tommy, who has more subscribers again?"

  • Shikatoli .V. Yepthomi

    Actually the Parkour course or something that the player was playing saved minecraft as it was interesting and made me want to play minecraft and maybe other players..

  • DI_Q
    DI_Q 11 개월 전 +1

    Dream: I singlehandedly saved Minecraft,
    The 1.14 update (aquatic update): *AM I A JOKE TO YOU?*

  • kazukiis
    kazukiis 년 전

    "Minecraft had already pretty much died back in 2017 and 2018, but going into 2019 the game had been revived out of nowhere" *and that is where he steps in* 👍

  • Cowsome 2
    Cowsome 2 년 전 +1

    When i watched dream for the first time i got better and better at mc lol

  • Iphone11promax
    Iphone11promax 2 년 전 +368

    I don’t think sipover would be a thing without dream

    • BeBetterThanThePersonYouWereYesterday
    • Ross Lemon
      Ross Lemon 2 년 전

      Ah I'll just add that to the list of channels that wouldn't exist without Dream.

    • Fire Sayf
      Fire Sayf 2 년 전


    • Kinkade
      Kinkade 2 년 전

      I think he would.

    • Zombta
      Zombta 2 년 전

      @Gras yes it is me.
      Yeah sure sipover's content and editing style is similar to dream's, but you can't say he copied dream's logo and skin

  • Shadow
    Shadow 년 전

    I remember back year or two ago when the most impressive thing you could do in minecraft was kill a baby zombie without dying.

  • The Soda Addict™

    Dream is one of the key part of Minecraft’s longevity, Despite the fact that he faked a speed run

  • SpreyGawd
    SpreyGawd 년 전

    Me: watches dream
    Me again: passes out because dream almost died

  • Miguk Mystic
    Miguk Mystic 2 년 전 +1

    I acknowledge Dream and watch his videos but I still prefer the older Minecraft youtubers. More of a Hermitcraft SMP kind of person. But it’s great to see these fresh takes on Minecraft

  • Spritesnsodas
    Spritesnsodas 2 년 전 +2278

    "-and the fact that hes so humble"
    *that recent stream where he made a religion of himself and compared himself to Jesus Christ*
    (ps dont kill me i love dream)

    • Gabby Andrews
      Gabby Andrews 10 개월 전

      @Patrick O'Neill me neither

    • dj no
      dj no 년 전

      We live in a society

    • fadi henry
      fadi henry 년 전

      The fame got to him - tommyinnit

    • nikvlai
      nikvlai 년 전

      @Alexis Zielinski him dissing techno is all jokes. they’re good friends, lol

  • JeTo Dec
    JeTo Dec 2 년 전 +3

    When started watching Dream, I installed Minecraft Again

  • abdul doorani
    abdul doorani 년 전 +6

    "he give positive energy"
    the real reason we watch dream: ohhh george. come hereeeeee

  • B E A N Z
    B E A N Z 2 년 전

    Me: watching someone parkour, while listening of dream being a hero of minecraft

  • Blake D Great
    Blake D Great 2 년 전

    I dont want dreams channel to die :-( I wish he have alot of intertaining video ideas

  • WeDo Official
    WeDo Official 2 년 전 +567

    As much as I love Dream, I disagree that he single handedly saved the game. The game was at one of its highest points ever, and especially with lockdown, millions of people were still flocking to the game. He may have helped in saving Minecraft content on KRclip, but I wholeheartedly disagree that he alone saved Minecraft as a game. Maybe I’m just bias because I’ve never stopped playing the game hahaha

    • JQ
      JQ 년 전

      He did not do it himself, but he is a big part of it

    • Lily Walker
      Lily Walker 2 년 전

      Well they might be talking about on youtube, because where he talks about Minecraft's popularity it's also on youtube

    • Dreams Biggest Big Sister
      Dreams Biggest Big Sister 2 년 전

      Irena veksler opinions exist sweetie

    • Irena veksler
      Irena veksler 2 년 전

      Domenic Lewis how is 1.9+ pvp not fun

  • Thegamingteen44
    Thegamingteen44 2 년 전

    I mean he is one of 4 key characters who helped to save minecraft in that time. Schlatt, for getting minecraft into the spotlight, my brother Jecten, who is the least known of the four mentioned but used the popularity of the game to directly challenge fartnite and win, pewds, for allowing the game a further boost in popularity, and dream, for keeping the game on top following the events of the resurgence. I would like to thank them, and many others, some who I don’t even know, for saving the game that has defined me for all these years. You all did the right thing, you all contributed to a righteous cause, and you challenged the reigning tyranny epic put in place and made it step down from the seat of honour that it stole. To these brave and intrepid heroes of various backgrounds, i thank you, and wish the best for you. And remember, this is not the end.
    This is only just the beginning

  • GuidesGame
    GuidesGame 년 전 +3

    Minecraft never died It kept growing. Maybe most of the old youtube minecrafters left but thats about it. I have been playing the game since 2013.

    • Desequick
      Desequick 년 전

      Same. I started in 2013 and never stopped.

  • Bambeys
    Bambeys 년 전 +1

    Dream: I save minecraft
    Pewdiepie: hold my mouse..

  • ThatKidHorizon
    ThatKidHorizon 년 전

    I miss the old days of sky
    He was the greatest

  • Pixelflame Gaming

    You could just easily say that Dream has created a split in the Minecraft community of such a magnitude that we haven't seen in years. And no, not just because of the speedrun controversy.

  • ChairTheBee
    ChairTheBee 년 전 +1

    Me:Sees Dream holding a grass block not a dirt block
    So thats how Ranboo has enderman powers
    "The game had been revived in 2019"
    Its because of Dream's revival book
    "The most impresive thing back in the day was killing a baby zombie without dying"
    Technoblade:If I was there I'd be popping off

  • Eduardo Sanchez
    Eduardo Sanchez 2 년 전

    I’m Glad Dream is the one the new generations Minecraft Creators but you forgot to mention Minecraft’s 10th anniversary had led Minecraft to spike again from old players returning , just wanted to mention that but good job with the video :)!

  • Sigurd Mørk Thorbjørnsen

    It`s just as important for me to watch other people play minecraft as it is to play it

  • bee
    bee 2 년 전 +62

    Bro he saved minecraft AND my mental health. I was so unmotivated and just sad before I found his channel. Once I started watching his videos I actually started to laugh again and I felt so much more motivated to do stuff. Love him so much ❤️

    • Bharath Hegde
      Bharath Hegde 2 년 전 +3

      @Jomari: Artymations exactly. Dream just piggybacked Minecraft exploding again

    • Jomari: Artymations
      Jomari: Artymations 2 년 전 +6

      I disagree ur first statement bee one content creator can't just single handedly save Minecraft it's kind of rude if you think about it it's like saying every Minecraft KRclipr who stuck around the community is just obsolete and dream is the real hero

    • ItzBlu
      ItzBlu 2 년 전

      PoliewogZ Honestly I forgot 😅 But it was rude for sure

    • PoliewogZ
      PoliewogZ 2 년 전

      @ItzBlu oh god what happened i need to know cause the guy your talking about deleted his comment

    • muffins
      muffins 2 년 전

      So happy for ya!!

  • Ultra Aryan 10
    Ultra Aryan 10 2 년 전 +5

    Its amazing how Dream did not just blow up once or twice, he is constantly blowing up. Firstly, benefiting off Minecraft's growing popularity and Pewdiepie's series and then just making a path for his success along with keeping Minecraft alive is a huge accomplishment.

  • charles kato
    charles kato 개월 전

    I like how you said dream humble
    Me: sees dream always screaming

  • Street_21
    Street_21 년 전 +1

    another great Minecraft content creator in the old days was "Stampy Long Head" with his iconic voice, intro, and world he used to play with his friends. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion...

  • Gamer Cat
    Gamer Cat 년 전 +61

    And in return he gets a dumpster fire of a community..

  • Nate Labao
    Nate Labao 2 년 전 +82

    Dream could be a childhood hero or favorite KRclipr. He is probably what someone like Sundee was to people like me
    *let that sink in*

    • hi im cool
      hi im cool 년 전 +1

      childhood hero? no way, he turned those precious children into stans who attack people who have a different opinion from them

    • hey
      hey 2 년 전 +1

      @Foyotey I laughed so hard when I read this-

    • Amogh Rao
      Amogh Rao 2 년 전

      Nah it's just that you change and honestly I find it funnier how he randomly goes off about random tangents

    • omega 123
      omega 123 2 년 전

      @Nate Labao okay so i am not the only one, i thought because i am older now

  • EPIC420swag
    EPIC420swag 년 전 +2

    It was SMP live. They were the revival that enabled Dream.

    • El_Goblino
      El_Goblino 년 전 +2

      Only comment I saw that brought it up. Still glad I found it

  • tin
    tin 2 년 전 +1

    I love Dream a lot but I’m not so sure he was the only one who saved Minecraft. I think the whole New Gen did.

  • Emerson
    Emerson 2 년 전

    While dream did play an important part in keeping minecraft around, it’d be ignorant to say that he singlehandedly brought it back. I can and will list many, many other people and things that helped. First, people like MumboJumbo, Skeppy and BadBoyHalo, and Doni Bobes started the minecraft revival. While they didn’t bring millions of people flocking back, some memes were created and minecraft was remembered by some key players. Then, SMP Live was created by CallMeCarson, and i’m sure that all of you know who he is, and what SMP Live was. Then, there was the pewdiepie world, which combined with SMP Live brought millions of people flooding back to minecraft. Then, there was Minecraft Monday’s, which started a new era of minecraft: The tournament era. This also brought people like Technoblade into the spotlight, which would be important for later on. From there, minecraft’s hype would die down a little, but it was still played by millions more than before. Then, came dream and his friends. They started a speed running series, as well as the Manhunt series. People started making comparisons to dream and techno, which brought back a ton of hype. Around the same time that dream started making his first videos, SMP Earth was created, which brought many smaller minecraft creators into the scene. I.E. TommyInnit, P1LZA (P1LZA wasn’t small but also wasn’t very relevant), and many others. The wars started, which proved minecraft could be more than just a building game with some cool mods. Then came the Dream SMP, which just proved the point even further that minecraft could be used for so much more, and thanks to TommyInnit, a lot of players who loved to create chaos and war flooded to minecraft, to wage war against their friends. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Dream was not even CLOSE to doing this singlehandedly. If anything, his fan base is *damaging* the minecraft community, with their toxicity and possessive behavior. Please do not discard everyone who played much bigger roles into “reviving” minecraft, just because you like dream. It’s honestly kind of gross.

  • Gerona Earl A.
    Gerona Earl A. 2 년 전 +1

    Basically dream and his gang the "SMP" is like pewds but like a group and its greater because of their different channels and ideas and content which is really entertaining

  • Admiral Mudkip
    Admiral Mudkip 년 전 +2

    SMPLive revitalized it from the dark ages after the classical minecraft youtubers either left, or faded into irrelevancy, I would say that dream definitely did not bring it back nor would it have died without him. There was still a ton of very popular minecraft content before dream came along.

    • Will Weichman
      Will Weichman 년 전

      Honestly, if I had a time machine, I would definitely go back in time to watch the classical MCYT. Personally I miss Skitscape and Fawdz, old Antvenom, Cavemanfilms, Sky... makes me sad seeing Skitscapes page, he played back in the Beta days, so most of his videos are 8,9 years old...

  • machinna
    machinna 년 전 +1

    true pewdiepie started playing it but we all know he would keep playing variety. dream is a MINECRAFT youtuber and refuses to mix anything else on his channel. plus he changed the game from being creative to competitive and then build a minecraft community. creators and fans

  • FinleyBinley
    FinleyBinley 년 전

    dream: gives of positive feelings
    also dream:LETS BLOW UP L'MANBURGE 2 TIMES!!!

  • yourlocaltilar
    yourlocaltilar 년 전 +1

    Fun fact: the hay bale mlg actually worked I tried it I jumped from a cliff and lost one and a half hearts

  • Bassy
    Bassy 2 년 전 +3

    Tommy's has played his cards so well. He got like 300-400k subscribers from being in Earth SMP (most subs were from Techno) and then he got a ton from Dream with his SMP

  • Ëgån
    Ëgån 년 전

    Tbh dream n technoblade and mumbo are the only ppl that motivate me to play Minecraft ...every time i watch their vids i get the urge to play

  • Nishant
    Nishant 2 년 전

    dream should react to this video. i really loved the video and not to mention he is my role model too, he is a great guy and he definitly did save minecraft. i liked the vid :)

  • UncomfortablyClose
    UncomfortablyClose 2 년 전 +2

    I don’t really like to get too attached to creators since they can always go and do something shitty or take advantage of someone. Not that I think Dream would do that just that I don’t like parasocial relationships. That being said Dream is undeniably great at the game and great at making content, which I’ve only seen a few times with much smaller channels like TommyKay and a plethora of speed-running channels

    • alphakennybody
      alphakennybody 10 개월 전

      "go and do something shitty" like crazen, antonsen, advystyles and maybe some other people

  • Pierce1331
    Pierce1331 년 전 +5

    minecraft would have found a way back into relevance even without dream like it has before.

    • Tiana Ross
      Tiana Ross 년 전

      @DamageMaximo lol dream stans gonna cancel someone or dox them

    • Pierce1331
      Pierce1331 년 전

      @DamageMaximo it’s done it before it can do it again it’s basic science

    • DamageMaximo
      DamageMaximo 년 전

      tell me how
      lol dream haters are funny

  • ozzy
    ozzy 2 년 전 +231

    Someone forgot about a man, and his dog, and his horse, and his second horse.

    • hi im cool
      hi im cool 년 전

      and his sheep who lives inside of water, who died from a magma block

    • Diesel the Weasle
      Diesel the Weasle 년 전

      And he's giant meat ball

    • StudioLukynTV
      StudioLukynTV 년 전

      Water sheep

    • nome _399
      nome _399 년 전 +1

      Ye pewds technologies saved minecraft

    • Monke Danana
      Monke Danana 년 전 +4

      Yeah, he's also part or the reason Dream got popular so fast, Dream started after Pewdiepie started the new minecraft craze. Even Dream's first few videos are about Pewdiepie's minecraft.

  • fanter
    fanter 2 년 전

    DREAM IS MY ACTUAL LIFE sorry but seriously I truly don't go a second without thinking of any of the people on dreams amp server.

  • Cookie_duhh
    Cookie_duhh 2 년 전

    i never stopped to play minecraft i always played since 2012. My brothers played minecraft because i teach them how, and i am very proud of that, they play a really good game, no fortnite...just minecraft😌💕

  • CL
    CL 2 년 전 +1

    PewDiePie: saves minecraft in 2019
    Dream: saves minecraft in 2020
    What is this?

  • Maria viena Vibar
    Maria viena Vibar 2 년 전 +1

    Yes this is true bc
    When I haven’t met dream i was slowly forgetting abt minecraft and then i met him in tiktok i was super impressed of him and i just ignored it that day and boom days later i check his channel out and enjoyed his videos and made me wanna download minecraft again and super exited to play it again and he was a inspiration to me i became good at minecraft now i AlWaYs dO thE waTEr bucKet thiNg aLways wHen i sAw a hiGh cliFf and am now apart of the fandom ;)

  • Itachi Tard
    Itachi Tard 2 년 전 +111

    What everyone hears: *the whole vid*
    What I hear: enough dream simping

  • SoleGitter35
    SoleGitter35 2 년 전 +2

    I watched him in 2019 before he was very popular

  • John Jericho Calma
    John Jericho Calma 2 년 전

    Before watching this i'll say that not only dream saved minecraft and that is all

  • Alex Lamnek
    Alex Lamnek 2 년 전

    If anyone saved the game it was MumboJumbo he really brought it back last year and this year, as well as minecraft monday’s and minecraft championships. It was a combined effort dream just rode the wave and happened to be more successful than others

  • KidObesity
    KidObesity 2 년 전 +1

    Nahhhh he didn’t save Minecraft, since Minecraft was still at its high point during that time. Dream is just a really good content creator that got successful because of Minecraft.
    Also, I think more updates and memes helped save Minecraft.

  • E_xe
    E_xe 2 년 전 +458

    It used to be
    "Oh you play minecraft WHAT A LOSER"
    Now its
    "Oh you play fortnite IRELEVANT"

    • Riplikatln Loki
      Riplikatln Loki 2 년 전

      r e d they are in minecraft nowadays though. Look at KRclip

    • Pika
      Pika 2 년 전

      i still want to try fortnite tho i havent played it since last year for the first time cuz it was so lag

    • yes no
      yes no 2 년 전

      @E_xe ok still change your icon

    • E_xe
      E_xe 2 년 전

      @yes no im exewisp not wisp

    • yes no
      yes no 2 년 전

      Why are you trying to be wisp

  • TF2 Spy main
    TF2 Spy main 2 년 전 +1

    Honestly, I didn't know this guy existed. I thought Minecraft was just a fun game.

  • OlyaTheCutie
    OlyaTheCutie 년 전

    i just want to say that i lived without ever knowing who Dream is until few weeks ago, and i dont think Minecraft was dying?
    what boosted the popularity of Minecraft was a popular SMP - Hermitcraft season 6, in my opinion

  • Jaxon Lewis
    Jaxon Lewis 년 전

    I really doubt he saved Minecraft or that the game was on a second downfall. Sure he's insanely popular and makes good content, but pewdiepie isn't the only KRclipr who exists. Several other amazing content creators still stay with the game, and MCC is amazing.

  • LordBurger
    LordBurger 2 년 전 +1

    Minecraft was still at a high when Dream came around. He arguably made the community more toxic

  • quinn
    quinn 2 년 전 +31

    you said "the reason why minecraft got hyped up again in 2019 was because so many large content creators like Pewdiepie and CallMeCarson had played the game for multiple videos which was great for minecraft, but once they got bored of the game or saw their views dropping, they left minecraft behind. And after the hype chasers left..." I'm not sure if you know this but when CallMeCarson started SMPLive, minecraft started to regain popularity, and when Pewdiepie started it became even more popular because he is the most subscribed individual creator on youtube. Neither of them were "hype chasers". and another point, TommyInnit wasn't blowing up because Dream's SMP, it did make him gain subscribers, but TommyInnit did not start from that. He started with Hypxiel's skyblock, and gained a lot more traction on SMPEarth. So Dream did not single-handedly keep minecraft alive, he is a large factor for its popularity today, but in the time SMPLive died down Pewdiepie stopped with mincraft, SMPEarth was born creating outlets for many small content creators.

    • NoOne Sarino
      NoOne Sarino 2 년 전

      @Labeeb Hermitcraft Is one of OGS

    • quinn
      quinn 2 년 전

      @Labeeb true

    • Labeeb
      Labeeb 2 년 전 +1

      also hermitcraft ;)

    • quinn
      quinn 2 년 전 +1

      Mafioso good, everyone is entitled to their own opinions

    • Mafioso
      Mafioso 2 년 전 +1

      I agree and disagree with everything u said

  • mynuttyme
    mynuttyme 2 년 전

    I was blushing for them both all the time 😂

  • Sync Grave
    Sync Grave 년 전 +41

    A Dream stan trying to explain how Dream “single handedly” brought back the Minecraft trend

    • SnaRNotOnSteroids
      SnaRNotOnSteroids 년 전

      @oLuunarr exactly

    • oLuunarr
      oLuunarr 년 전

      @SnaRNotOnSteroids yeah like now he has stans like crazy stalkers or whatever but i literly just watch his video because thier entrtaining and get callled a stan when i say i like dream

    • Rayray
      Rayray 년 전

      @SnaRNotOnSteroids this is why you have bofa. But I’m not sure so can you confirm

    • Rayray
      Rayray 년 전 +1

      @DamageMaximo also this is why your location is brazil, because I sent you there